Villa Carciofaia

Charming Luxury Villa for rent in Tuscany

The Villa

Immersed amongst the olive groves, our Luxury Villa Carciofaia for rent in Tuscany only three kilometres from the walled centre of Lucca in Tuscany.


Enjoy our charming luxury Villa Carciofaia for rent in Tuscany has been recently fully restored by the proprietor. The property is built in stone and plaster and is located at the very top of a hill which offers unique views of the town at your feets.


Our villa for rent is surrounded by a big park, allowing its guests to enjoy the various kinds of perfumes and colours and there is also a beautiful large swimming pool furnished with deck chairs and sunbeds each one with its beach towel and head cushion.


Italy has very hilly landscapes, which makes it difficult and expensive to build infrastructure in many areas. However, our luxury villa for rent in Lucca has internet access, but only in certain residential areas.

0 m2
4,844 sqft
Bedrooms and Bathrooms
min. 0
Nights Stay
International Airports

Pisa International Airport (PSA) 30 min drive
Florence Airport (FLR) 50 min drive


Monte-Carlo 4 hours drive
Munich 7 hours drive
Zurich 6 hours drive


Stazione di Lucca

Connection to high-speed train (300km/h): Florence Santa Maria Novella


Lucca is well-known throughout Italy for its amazing medieval city walls that still encircle most of the historic old town.

Lucca was founded by the Etruscans, whose territory covered roughly what is now Tuscany. Afterwards it was a Roman colony around 180 BC. During the Roman era, Lucca served as an important gathering place for Gaius Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus.

In later years, the city Lucca was a self-governing independent republic for nearly 500 years as part of feudal Italy. During the 19th century, Lucca was conquered by Napoleon, who installed his sister Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi as “Princess of Lucca”. Lucca finally became part of the Italy State in 1861. Today, Lucca is a popular sightseer destination and has close ties with Pisa.

Whoever loves ancient architecture and medieval constructs, Lucca is a true haven. It is known as the city of a hundred churches boasting such buildings as Lucca Cathedral and San Michele in Foro. Furthermore, the city walls show how many middle age settlements would have been defended. Aside from the architecture, Lucca also has some worth-to-see museums, stunning public squares and a fine selection of restaurants and bars.

Villa Carciofaia

Charming Luxury Villa in Tuscany for Rent

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Romantic Tuscany with its famous vineyards and green hills is full of breathtaking regions and cities, each with its own distinctive, unforgettable buildings.

Villa Carciofaia

Charming Luxury Villa in Tuscany for Rent

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