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Tartare or Tatar. According to a myth, the word is based on the dreaded 13th century Mongolian Tartar people. They are said to have chopped up everything in their path on their way through Eastern Europe. For this behaviour, one gave them the Greek nickname “Tarutarus”, which means as much as “underworld”. Whether this legend led to our writing dilemma is difficult to say. It is more probable that the cooks in our country took care of the French (“steak tartare”) way of writing. How do our neighbours get to give the word an “r”? Linguists suspect that we tend to align two similar syllables in pronunciation to make it easier to get over the lips.

Many people wonder whether one can enjoy Tatar without hesitation. Google reveals true horror stories and some articles call for a renunciation of raw meat, as you can get infected with diseases and parasites.

Our field test went without incident across the stage from New York via Zurich to Hong Kong.

In this blog, however, we would like to limit ourselves specifically to Zurich and share our ranking with our readers:


Our Review: Top 5 Tatar places in Zurich City:
  1. Hatecke – CHF 35.50. Ludwig Hatecke is probably one of the most innovative butchers in Switzerland and known beyond his region of origin. The restaurant at Löwenplatz looks like a trendy boutique from the outside, and so some people are astonished to stand in a butcher’s shop with dining facilities suddenly.
  2. Kaufleuten – CHF 28.50/36.50. Kaufleuten is more than a restaurant – it is a place where the who is who of Swiss banking meets for lunch. Even if this has no priority for us, the Tatar is less puristic than at Hatecke and perfectly seasoned.
  3. La Bottega di Mario CHF 25/35. Although central, unknown due to the better-known sister restaurant Carlton. Enjoying a very simply prepared Tatar in peace is always a highlight. Unfortunately, the side dish (salade) is somewhat sadly presented, and the process to serve bread seems to be not trained – you start serving bread from the bread basked and once almost finished with the Tatar you get nicely warmed up focaccia.
  4. Ristorante Frascati CHF 23/28. What a positive surprise. Expectations exceeded! Maybe the “medium” Tatar is a bit too spicy. The parmesan cheese and the beautifully arranged flower-shaped butter is just exceptional.
  5. Aurora 28/42. If there had not been the expensiveness and the amount of Salade on the top, then it would have reached a top stop this year. The restaurant is unknown – so still a quite hidden place at Bahnhofstrasse.

If you know an excellent Tatar restaurant, please let us know below. Maybe your favourite will end up in our Top 5.

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