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We became proud owners of a Korat cat. Since she only lives in our apartment, we wanted to simplify the littering process. We wanted to ensure a well being for the cat, but also discussions on who has to do the littering.

After studying the market and different providers, we decided to go with the Litter-Robot. The ordering process was simple, and a few days later the giant package was already in front of our door (Be aware: the robot itself is also reasonably large). The robot is very stable and the plastic used seems to be of high quality. After a short look at the manual, the invention was in operation.

On the arrival of our Korat cat, shortly after voluntarily leaving the transport bag, we put her into the Litter-Robot and looks who’s talking – immediate first-time usage. From then onwards, it was clear to the cat that this was her toilet.

Fill the upper part with clumping litter (Cat’s Best Öko), and the tray below with an easy to get a plastic bag. We refill the Litter-Robot II once a week and change the garbage bag simultaneously. Once the cat leaves the robot, the cleaning process starts automatically after seven minutes. However, for smaller cats (<2 kg) you might want to add additional weight on the entry board. After seven minutes the upper part rotates and filters the cat litter, and anything bigger than a certain size falls into the collecting tray. If the cat would enter the litter box during the process, the cleaning cycle stops immediately.

The Litter-Robot is now already more than three years in use, and apart from some litter in front of the device, this works perfectly. Once a year we clean the Litter-Robot thoroughly, while the cat oversees every step – what happens to my toilet?

The Litter-Robot was installed directly in a cabinet with a cat flap door (no noise). It takes us less than two minutes to complete the weekly cleaning. Last but not least – no cat litter or cat excrement smell in our apartment.

Best price: order online at Litter Robot.

Pros: one a week cleaning, always clean necessary
Cons: expensive, no actual design award 

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