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Concentrate, relax, improve. InteraXon has launched a smart headband to help you relax.

Muse equipped with seven sensors that measure brain waves. It can process emotions by registering even the smallest facial movements. Muse sends the collected data via Bluetooth to the connected device, such as an iPhone or Samsung.

The battery lasts a little less than four hours, and charging happens via Micro-USB. So it is undoubtedly a good idea to check Muse before using it. Otherwise, the first stress situation will start. If you are travelling, it is highly recommended to have a power bank available to recharge.

The smart headband was given to us by friends who think we are too active. At first, we were critical, but already after the second phase of meditation, we became addicted to the chirping of birds, which sounds with complete relaxation. The graphical analysis and the rewards are a welcome feature that encourages further use.

The device is not quite cheap, but the new experience of relaxation alone is worth it. You can get it from Amazon:
MUSE InteraXon the brain sensing headband.

Pros: great for meditation, battery, simplicity, good app
Cons: You have to wear the headband very tight. Otherwise, you lose the connection.

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