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Consequently, by providing travel insights, we would also like to share our view on visited and for us considered best airports. We consider the following five airports as our favourites. As usual, our own opinion and we are looking forward to attending many more airports and show the results in our next year’s review:

1 Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

The best airport. Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland and the main airport of the airline Swiss. The airport is very logical, and all passengers find their way to the airport without getting lost. One never has the feeling of being confined. The train connection departing from Zurich city is not as logical as for other airports since numerous different trains from different platforms leave for the airport. However, for a foreigner from other destinations as Zurich, the whole concept makes sense. You can travel from Visp directly to the airport without having to change the train.

2 Vienna Airport (Austria)

Vienna used to be chaos, but the new airport is setting new standards. Generously dimensioned departure gates – something we like in general. The connection to the city with the CAT is enjoyable, although the double-decker train may not be convenient for people with larger luggage. The airport staff is friendly, but the luggage control is somewhat stressful, as there are sometimes longer queues.

3 Guangzhou (China)

The airport was brand new during the trip, and China was accordingly very generous. Nevertheless, the walking distance was shorter than anticipated. The passport control takes place partly via self-check followed by a brief visual examination. However, the process is logical, and there are numerous helpful staff. Maybe it is a Chinese web standard, but their website is not user-friendly.

4 Changi Airport (Singapore)

The airport in Singapore is a bit outdated, but soon a new terminal should be built. A logically designed airport, but you sometimes walk endless distances to the gate. Contrary to the other reviews on the internet, this airport only appears on the fourth place with us. The pattern of the carpet is an outrage for the eyes.

5 Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The airport in Dubai is enormous. A subway connects the different terminals, and the sheer size can lose you. The gates are easy to find, but there are far too few seats for economy passengers. On the other hand, the Business Class Lounge for departing Airbus A380 passengers is top class.


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