I haven't been everywhere, but it is on my list. Susan Sontag.

Travelling enriches your life.

Learning is a strong reason why we love to travel and discover new regions and cities. As a result, we want to experience something unfamiliar and leave with new skills or knowledge.

Seeing the world is more educational than learning it at school. Consequently, such a crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover subjects like history and geography

For that reason, all our picked destination have something unique to teach visitors into a completely different world.

It is the best learning experience.

Rome is the most amazing city we have visited. Most noteworthy are the historical buildings of the Roman Empire. They are very impressive.

Castel Sant'Angelo
Trevi Fountain
View over Rome St Peter's Basilica
St Peter's Basilica
Colosseum Inside
St. Peter's Basilica
Tiber and St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica

One of the most impressive trips – Moscow. It is indeed a fantastic city and always worth a trip. Hence, it is regrettable that you need to go through a lengthy visa process otherwise it could attract even more weekend trip visitors.

Lenin's Mausoleum - Moscow
Lenin's Mausoleum - Moscow
Red Square Kremlin
Bolshoi Theatre Moscow
Bolshoi - Moscow
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Moscow City
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lubyanka Square
Kremlin Area

New York is one of the craziest cities in the world. The town lives 24/7 and accordingly the offer is extensive. Consequently, shopping and sightseeing go hand-in-hand.

Skyline South Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge
Subway Station Wall Street
Time Square New York
Wall Street New York NYSE
Statue of Liberty New York
Lower Manhattan - Freedom Tower
Time Square NYC

Of all countries or locations in the middle east – we prefer Muscat. Unfortunately, The Chedi changed its rules for youngsters, but it is okay once you have grown up. Hence, the hotel is too great to go on sightseeing.

Chedi Muscat
Palm Trees Muscat Chedi
The Chedi Muscat - Adult only pool
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

We stopped counting how often we have been in Dubai. The first time we went, there was in 2000 and returned in 2011. Hence, it is a perfect destination for holidays during April. However, the city has become a bit too much.

Dubai - Burj Khalifa area
Burj Khalifa Sunrise
The Address Dubai
Burj Khalifa Top View
Burj Khalifa 829.8M
Top Floors Burj Khalifa
Dubai DownTown Fountain
Dubai Downtown Sunrise
Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah Mina ASalam

Heaven on earth – that is Bali. We have been there already several times, and we will undoubtedly return to this lovely place.

Bali Villa
Sunset Bali
Rice Fields Bali
Sunset Bali

Paris is the city of love. It was an incredibly beautiful journey with many impressions. Nonetheless, the places of interest are somewhat distributed, but the means of transport are efficient, although not on time.

Paris Notre Dame
Paris Louvre
Paris City View - Tour Eiffel
Arc De Triomphe
Paris Arc de Triomphe
Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris
Roland Garros
Galeries Lafayette Paris

Again and again, we landed in London. Professionally, for school or just for a weekend. London is the capital of Europe for us.

Big Ben
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge London
Union Jack Taxi London
Buckingham Palace London
Oxford Circle
Buckingham Palace
London Eye
Regent Street
Oxford Circle By Night
The Shard London
St Pauls Cathedral
London By Night
Red Bus London

After going to Dubai for years, we wanted to explore the more authentic neighbouring city of Abu Dhabi. Noteworthy is certainly the great beach area – Saadiyat.

Abu Dhabi Skyscraper
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Downtown
Emirates Palace - Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace - Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Louvre

Consequently, we usually travel to learn something specific: a new cuisine, aspects of a different culture, or a deeper appreciation of faith or spirituality. As a bonus, we take home new ways of structuring our daily patterns.

As such, we discover entirely different ways of doing things including new cooking ideas. Hence, any traveller gains awareness of culture, people, food and places.