Korat Cats

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort. James Herriot.

Breed Profile

The Korat cat is a medium-weight shorthaired cat. It is also called Si-Sawat, which consists of the Thai words si and sawat “good luck cat”.

The name Korat comes from the region in northeast Thailand where the cats thought to have originated. The silver cats with the green eyes date back to the 14th century based on their depiction in literature. Korats were favourite gifts and had a particular purpose when given to brides because of their connection with prosperity and fertility.

They are incredibly loyal to their owners. As a result, they give their full love and high respect. The cat is either going 100 km/h or is in “slow motion” mode. The cat wants to be with you, near you and helping you all the time.

The Korat is a “unique” breed that has yet to be found by many.



She was born on January 6, 2015. A few months later, we took her home.

Meanwhile, we enjoy her presence and participation in the family life.  Above all, we respect and spoil each other. She also likes to join us in our second domicile and knows both places very well.

Kaya is a very social cat, and even when visitors arrive, she does not hide. She sticks to her favourite food and ignores any other cat food. Consequently, she would never steal our food even pieces of meat or fish don’t mean anything to her.

She is like an alarm clock to get up in the morning on time. However, the cat alarm bell knows only one setting, meaning workdays/weekends are no different. However, during the gloomy winter season, she behaves like a teenager and does not get up until there exists no temperature difference between sleeping under the blanket and the apartment. In the evening she waits until all family members are at home and while waiting she can be quite noisy. During the summertime, she loves the possibility to enjoy the sun on the balcony.

To sum up – Kaya we love you very much.

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