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It's not always easy for a mainstream organisation to accept what a blog is. Jake Tapper.

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Notably, one half of VAPA is a kind of a sucker for newly invented gadgets.

In particular, products available on AliExpress – Morui Power Banks, Xiaomi Mi, likewise, other vendors delivering the reMarkable Tablet, Sonos loudspeakers, Garmin watches and with this in mind, Amazon with their Kindle.

The Other Half

Contrarily, the other half takes a more reasonable approach leaving out the cumbersome testing part. Therefore, the rejoining and enjoyments only take place at VAPA once things are 100% proven.

Above all, the hunt for something fancy, enjoyable, to solve and automate daily challenges is very satisfying. Hence, life’s too short to do repetitive jobs or annoying tasks to cause inefficiency.


For that reason, if there’s a gadget, fashion article, great aeroplane or airline company that will make life easier or more enjoyable, then you can rest assured that one half of VAPA will buy/book it and share the insight with all readers of the VAPA blog.