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Our Reviews will change your Life.

Notably, one half of VAPA is a kind of a sucker for newly invented gadgets.

In particular, products available on AliExpress – Morui Power Banks, Xiaomi Mi, likewise, other vendors delivering the reMarkable Tablet, Sonos loudspeakers, Garmin watches and with this in mind, Amazon with their Kindle.

The Other Half

Contrarily, the other half takes a more reasonable approach leaving out the cumbersome testing part. Therefore, the rejoining and enjoyments only take place at VAPA once things are 100% proven.

Above all, the hunt for something fancy, enjoyable, to solve and automate daily challenges is very satisfying. Hence, life’s too short to do repetitive jobs or annoying tasks to cause inefficiency.


For that reason, if there’s a gadget, fashion article, great aeroplane or airline company that will make life easier or more enjoyable, then you can rest assured that one half of VAPA will buy/book it and share the insight with all readers of the VAPA blog.

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Reviews and Insides

Bus, Design, Travel

Review – FlixBus

The bus provider FlixBus has something fascinating about it. The very tempting price caused that half of VAPA got involved in this adventure.
IMG 7845
Design, Tech, Watch

Review – Apple Watch 4

As a Blackberry addict, it took some time until I bought the first iPhone. In the beginning, I refused to jump on
Canon I sensys Mf635cx
Design, Printer

Review – Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx

Years ago, a colour laser printer was merely too expensive, and so one had to be content with inkjet printers. We bought
Airplanes, Design, Tech, Travel

Review – Apple AirPods

We don’t know how many times you got angry about the headphones with a cable. Sometimes the cord was too short, and
IMG 7269 1
Airplanes, Game, Tech, Travel

Review – Airlines Manager Playrion

It is undoubtedly the most played and reasonably addictive Airline management game. Airlines Manager allows you to create your dream airline choosing
Muse Headband
Design, Tech

Review – Muse Brain Sensing Headband for Meditation

Concentrate, relax, improve. InteraXon has launched a smart headband to help you relax. Muse equipped with seven sensors that measure brain waves.
Tartar 001
Food, Insider, Made in Switzerland

Insider – Best Tatar Places Zurich 2019

Tartare or Tatar. According to a myth, the word is based on the dreaded 13th century Mongolian Tartar people. They are said
Tschliner Bier Fondue
Design, Food

Review – Tschliner Beer Fondue

Tschlin, a village in the Lower Engadine near Scuol, has for us one of the best marketing strategies. For a non-native, it
Best Plugin Updraft Plus
Plugins, Tech, Wordpress

Insider – Best WordPress Plugins 2019

In our spare time, we love to set up websites. While on one side you will find for every challenge a plugin
Zurich Airport The Best
Airplanes, Design, Insider, Top 5, Travel

Insider – Best Airports

Consequently, by providing travel insights, we would also like to share our view on visited and for us considered best airports. We
Singapore Airlines Business Class
Airplanes, Insider, Top 5, Travel, Uncategorized

Insider – Best Airlines 2018

We base our review on a mixture of elements. An important ranking factor is the usual condition of the aircraft itself (40%),
Salomon Speedcross
Design, Fashion, Shoes

Review – Salomon Speedcross 3

For full disclosure – the Salomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running is the fourth pair we bought. We are happy with our shoes
Playing Card
Design, Game

Review – Playing Cards

For some time now we have been playing some rounds with playing cards in the evening. Especially, Rummy we like to play.
Dom Perignon
Top 5

Inside – Best Champagne 2018

Champagne is a classic choice for a light, delicious, and crowd-pleasing beverage. Therefore, we have all tasted sparkling wine when celebrating a special
Design, Tech

Review – Morui ML20 Power Bank

Morui ML20 is a high capacity power bank (20,000mAh) with LED screen and dual USB output. The charging time of the battery
Supersaver Ticket SBB
Made in Switzerland, Travel

Review – SBB Supersaver Tickets

Like most things, train tickets are rather expensive in Switzerland. However, if you know beforehand when and where you want to go
Design, Scandinavia, Tablet, Tech

Review – ink on paper reMarkable Tablet

reMarkable tablet is currently the most consistent digital writing instrument. With its Kindle-like e-paper display and included pen, notes can be made
A380 Singapore Airlines
Airplanes, Design, Insider, Tech, Top 5

Inside – Best Aeroplanes

Yes, we like to travel. As a result, we have experienced several different types of aeroplanes throughout the years. However, even if these aeroplanes are
Rimowa E Tag
Airplanes, Design, Tech

Review – Rimowa Electronic Tag

The case manufacturer Rimowa brought the Bag2Go concept to series with the Electronic Tag. Instead of using a paper bag tag, travellers can
Design, Music, Tech

Review – Sonos Play:1 Play:3 Play:5

Sonos develops and produces active loudspeaker systems and hi-fi components that wirelessly network via WLAN. The system can use local audio files
Xiaomi Smart Home
Design, Tech

Review – Xiaomi Smart Home

Everyone is talking about Smart Home Automation, but there are only a few systems that offer a high degree of functionality at
Swiss Travel
Airplanes, Free, Insider, Top 5, Travel

Inside – Best Travel Online Sites

We want to share our personal top five travel sites. These sites should be a valuable tool in creating your travel trips,
On Cloud
Design, Fashion, Made in Switzerland, Shoes

Review – On-Cloud

Founded in Switzerland, On is a high-tech footwear firm. They have taken the world by storm with their highly advanced athletic apparel that
Sandqvist Hans
Design, Scandinavia

Review – Sandqvist Urban Outdoor Hans

We have always loved Scandinavian products. Their simple design convinces us again and again. So the Sandqvist Urban Outdoor “Hans” fits perfectly
Kaya Baby
Cat, Tech

Review – Litter-Robot

We became proud owners of a Korat cat. Since she only lives in our apartment, we wanted to simplify the littering process.
Kindle Paperwhite
Design, Tech

Review – Kindle Paperwhite eBooks

In the beginning, we smiled and asked our colleagues: What can a Kindle do that an iPad can’t do? Simplistic answer –
Fueg Table
Design, Furniture

Inside – Best Home Furniture Shops

Apart from some small things at local firms, furniture like other things is rather expensive in Switzerland. Therefore, many Swiss buy the
Insider, Top 5, Wine

Inside – Best Red Wines

Red wine is a type of wine made from dark-coloured black grape varieties. However, we are admittedly not real wine connoisseurs. We love
Garmin Fenix 3
Design, Fashion, Watch

Review – Garmin Fenix 3

The Garmin fēnix 3 is a Smartwatch for activity tracking and navigation. The brilliant design is immediately noticeable. Wearing the watch in

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.