Wealth Managers are important players in the Swiss financial industry.

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In 2016, fourteen leading Swiss wealth managers founded the association Alliance Swiss wealth manager to the club Alliance. Subsequently, further large wealth managers have joined the association. The association currently represents more than 100 billion in client assets.


Wealth managers in Switzerland are essential players in the Swiss financial industry. To this end, wealth managers face similar challenges to domestic, regional banks and private banks to universal banks. Besides, emerging Fintech solutions open up new opportunities for Wealth Managers. At the same time, the infrastructure requirements for Wealth Managers have also changed. No less important are discussions about new investment ideas or investment products. Finally, the aim is to look to the future together through cooperation.


The association enables its members to regularly exchange experience on a supra-regional basis and also to transfer know-how. In this way, the larger Wealth Managers want to strengthen each other through new innovative ideas. This has resulted in exciting collaborations or even mergers of business areas within a short space of time. Consequently, every individual client who has chosen a wealth manager also benefits from our goal.

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Allianz Swiss Wealth Manager


The association of larger Wealth Managers is involved in various fields of work with a focus on short-term solutions. Besides, the corresponding open exchange among the leading Wealth Managers makes it possible to increase the degree of professionalization further and to profit from the knowledge gained in the industry.

For this purpose, numerous events are held on various topics, taking into account the relevant specialists. In addition, the association organises an annual strategy conference.

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Allianz Swiss Wealth Manager


The alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers has grown rapidly in just three years and as a result now covers the whole of Switzerland. This gives the association an important role in the Swiss financial center.

The Board is made up of experienced representatives of the largest Swiss Wealth Managers and meets monthly in this spirit.

Furthermore, the commitment of the board is voluntary, which means that the membership fees are mainly used for events in all parts of Switzerland.

Allianz Swiss Wealth Manager


The financial services sector in general, moreover, the wealth management business, in particular, has traditionally been a high priority in the Swiss economy. Thanks to resistance as well as the independence of the wealth managers enjoy therefore the trust of its esteemed clientele.

The more extensive client assets, the more important it is to diversify this through different banks and jurisdictions in order, in addition to correspondingly minimizing the risk. Accordingly, this first stage of diversification is one of the most important principles for the retention of assets.

But managing the assets of various banks, albeit in different countries is a significant challenge and one of the core competencies of a wealth manager. Those manage the assets in national and international banks under the agreed risk profile, investment horizon and the desired investment objective of the clients and reimburses regularly report.

Employeess of the Wealth Managers are often former bank employees who have or wanted the road to independence in a working environment with more open spaces. In other words, the members of the association are not the least important employers and include more than 1,000 workers.

Allianz Swiss Wealth Manager


Members of the association also publish exciting news via the social network platform LinkedIn for major wealth managers.

Allianz Swiss Wealth Manager

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