Guinigi Tower

Torre Guinigi Lucca

Guinigi Tower

Oaks grow into the Sky

In the early fourteenth century, Lucca was proud of the over 250 ancient skyscrapers and numerous bell towers that enriched the city in medieval times. This at the time within a much narrower circle of walls than the present one.

The Guinigi Tower got built in the second half of the fourteenth century by the Guinigis, a wealthy merchant family. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few remaining towers in Lucca.

A tower’s height reflected the prestige and importance of the family that it belonged to. In fact, families competed to have the tallest tower. Specifically, the Guinigi Tower is typical with its Romanesque-Gothic architecture in the local style. The tower, built in stones and bricks. This historic skyscraper is one of the most representative and famous monuments of Lucca.

Getting to the Top

Reaching the summit takes 25 stairs – for a total of 230 steps. In the beginning, quite easy but not in the last section, where you can continue to climb only thanks to small metal ramps. On the interior walls, it is possible to admire numerous paintings depicting scenes of medieval life. Hence, the way up is not easy and is also quite tiring, but once you reached the top, you can admire the old town of Lucca. 

The tower offers a spectacular view of the  Piazza Anfiteatro and the basilica San Michele in Foro. Besides, the landscape of the surrounding mountains, the Apuan Alps to the north-west, the Apennines to the north-east as well as the Mount Pisano to the south.

What makes this tower unique is the small garden at its summit. The Guinigi family planned this garden to represent rebirth and renewal. The garden divides into three flowerbeds with Holm. There is a beautiful view of the city and surrounding mountains from the garden.

The Guinigi Tower is the most important one in Lucca. Its entrance is at Via Sant’Andrea 45 in the heart of the old town.

To conclude, the luxury Villa Carciofaia is only a stone’s throw away from the Guinigi Tower. Accordingly, you can get there by car and a short walk in 20 minutes.